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Power assist technology for wheelchairs.

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The innovative power assist add-on WheelDrive for manual wheelchairs provides users an unprecedented experience; more mobility with less pain, less fatigue and less energy consumption. Regardless of the situation, users always get the support they need.

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Who can benefit
from WheelDrive?

At Indes Healthcare, we feel all manual wheelchair users could benefit from the (occasional) use of a power assist device. Power assist devices are designed to support users in their daily activities. Instead of making the user more passive, like a full electric wheelchair, the add-on of a power assist device helps to stay active. Especially WheelDrive, with its unique dual rim concept, encourages the user to keep propelling with the support of the Assist Rim. But it also supplies continuous support with the Drive Rim.

As the area of use of WheelDrive is broad, we have identified several fictive users, to give an impression who could be a suitable user for WheelDrive. Of course, these profiles do not limit the possibilities. If you have questions whether an user could benefit from WheelDrive, feel free to contact our distributors or Indes Healthcare to help you with information.

User profiles

How does it work?

The technical details

Maximum load capacity
130 kg
Maximum speed forward
10 km/h (Assist Rim); 6 km/h (Drive Rim)
Total extra width compared to manual wheels (set)
43 mm
Maximum range (ISO 7176-4)
20 km (Assist Rim);12 km (Drive Rim) (depending on user weight, driving programme, weather and road conditions, condition of battery and tyres, etc.)
Weight of batteries (set)
3.6 kg
Total weight including battery (one wheel)
11.5 kg
Kerb climbing, driving backwards
50 mm
Transport weight excluding battery (one wheel)
9.7 kg
Wheel diameter
Charging time (full charge)
Approx. 2 hours
Intended use and environment
For people with limited mobility. Indoor and outdoor use. Contraindication: limited cognitive abilities, one-handed driving.

Frequently Asked

Here you’ll find the answers on the most frequently asked questions. Do you have other questions? Please contact us!

Where can I buy the WheelDrive?

WheelDrive is currently available in multiple countries through a network of selected distributors and dealers. Please have a look at our distribution page to find and contact the distributor in your country.

Does the WheelDrive fit my wheelchair?

Thanks to the unique mounting mechanism, WheelDrive is available on a vast majority of the manual wheelchair frames in the market. A list with compatible wheelchairs can be found here.

If you are looking for compatibility with a specific manual wheelchair that’s not listed, please contact the local distributor in your country.

How do I become a certified WheelDrive dealer for my country?

For the sales and distribution of our products, we seek to build long term relationships with our market partners. WheelDrive is currently available in multiple countries through a network of selected distributors and dealers.

If you are interested to become a dealer or distributor for WheelDrive, please feel free to contact us through the contact form on this website or through the contact details provided.

WheelDrive is a brand of Indes Healthcare
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WheelDrive is a product of Indes Healthcare, a renowned development and production company from Enschede in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

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