Who we are
and how we got here

WheelDrive is a product of Indes Healthcare, a renowned development and production company from Enschede in the eastern part of the Netherlands that creates, develops and markets innovative and relevant products for Healthcare and Mobility.

Indes Healthcare values its mission “Creating products people rely on”. We have over 30 years of experience in development and production of products for the healthcare market. That experience has been combined with our track record in development and production of electric cycling bikes and power assist kits for cycling bikes. As a result, WheelDrive is the innovative power assist device for manual wheel chairs.

By gaining full insight in user needs we develop products that improve daily living quality.

Created by Indes Healthcare
Creating products people rely on


30+ years of experience in care

1 roof

Design, production & support


with millions of happy users worldwide

Developed with
the user in mind

“Creating products people rely on” starts with great insights in the user needs and how a product can contribute to that. The product must fit the user and his or her activities during daily life, not the other way around.

Therefore, when we design a new product, the user always is our starting point. But also the needs of other stakeholders involved in the usage of the device are taken into consideration. We call this User Centered Industrial Design® or UCID®.

A network of
strong partners

For the sales and distribution of its products, Indes Healthcare seeks to build long term relationships with our market partners. Those partners have the best insights in market specific circumstances, like healthcare regulations and standards, clinical pathways, the reimbursement system for medical devices and the available dealer network.

Together with our partners, Indes Healthcare focuses on creating optimum impact in the market, by continuously working on product quality, efficient production, a reliable supply chain and a wide service network. This way we are always close to the end user.

WheelDrive has been developed in close cooperation with Handicare, which after acquisition became part of Sunrise Medical.

The first market roll-out in 2013 focused on the main wheelchair markets in Europe and was also executed together with Handicare and later Sunrise Medical. Sunrise Medical remains a strong partner for several markets in Europe. In other markets, Indes Healthcare has or seeks partnership with locally based healthcare / mobility companies.

See our Distribution page to find the partner in your country.

standards at our basis

Our work process is certified to ISO 13485, the international quality standard for development, manufacturing and service of Medical Devices. Through our offices in Enschede, The Netherlands and Ningbo, China, we work with a carefully selected network of preferred suppliers. Our development team combines expertise in mechanical, electronics and software engineering. To stay ahead we continue to invest in product innovation.

Everything in-house
from R&D to production

Indes Healthcare is in control of the complete production process of WheelDrive. All components are custom-developed and/or sourced especially for WheelDrive, in accordance with strict specifications, to maintain the high-quality standards of the wheelchair industry. Final assembly is done in-house in The Netherlands. This way, quality of the products that leave our factory is guaranteed with the Indes Healthcare team of production, R&D and quality engineers close by.

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Change heavy to healthy

Our expertise on power assist technology isn’t limited to WheelDrive only. With our Esense product group we “change heavy to healthy”.

Esense is an intuitive drive support solution and helps the user to move heavy mobile care products, like patient lifts, facility trolleys, hospital beds and other heavy medical equipment. At the core of the Esense system are sensors that ‘feel’ the natural push force of the user and translate this into a smooth electric drive support.

Visit esense-moves.com

WheelDrive is (amongst others) compatible with:

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