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Who can benefit from WheelDrive?

Users who can benefit from WheelDrive are all users who experience limitations in their daily activities caused by discomfort, pain and physical stress.

Whether you experience a fluctuating energy level throughout the day or between days or you simply want to move further and quicker; WheelDrive is there to assist!

When training during the first experiences with a manual wheelchair, WheelDrive is the ideal companion to practise, to get more confidence and to train the muscles in the upper body.

As the usage area of WheelDrive is broad, we have identified several fictive users. This gives an impression who could be a suitable user for WheelDrive.

Of course, these profiles do not limit the possibilities. If you have questions whether an user could benefit from WheelDrive, feel free to contact our distributors or Indes to help you with information.


Has an active life including his work, sports and culture activities

Works 36h a week

Very active user who doesn’t have or need any help

Has a spinal cord injury (SCI)

Has no ability to walk

Experiences shoulder pain, due to overload of propelling his wheelchair

Light weight wheelchair

Travels with an adjusted car (with or without lift)

Dismounts several times a day while getting in and out of the car


Has a lovely wife who offers help, but he wants to be independent as much as possible

Works parttime

Loves to go out for a drink

Active end user with the possibility to get aid

Has fibromyalgia (widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues)

Experiences fluctuations in energy level during the day or between days

Has the ability to walk a few metres

Foldable wheelchair

Travels with an adjusted car (with or without lift)

Travels 4 days a week and mounts the wheels twice a day


Lives in a care facility

Is fully dependent of her comfort wheelchair

Has a severe nerve condition

Has a comfort wheelchair with tilting functionality

A power assist device gives her the possibility to drive short distances again on her own

Her wheels always stay on the wheelchair 

Travels with a taxi service


Lives in a fully adjusted apartment
Has a muscular disease

Sits in her comfort wheelchair all day

Has a comfort wheelchair with adjusted seating

Her wheels always stay on the wheelchair 

Travels with a taxi service


Married for over 40 years

Is retired

Likes to go out with his wife. She wants to help him with his wheelchair, but suffers from shoulder pain herself

Is normally pushed by his wife

End user with help

Multiple sclerosis (MS) in stable stage

Has limited hand power and control

Standard wheelchair

Can move around for himself with a power assist device

Puts on and off the wheels with the help from his wife

(Dis)Mounts the wheels twice a day, 3 or 4 days a week

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